Leandro Tam

Ik heb heel veel gevochten en geef nu les aan wedstrijdvechters. Mijn jarenlange ervaring breng ik graag over op jou, ongeacht je niveau. Plan jij een gratis proefles met mij in? Ik zie je graag verschijnen!

T: 06-36174399


LGT: learn great teqniques.


With the performance package we’ll get you on a goal-oriented journey to get better physically and mentally. Are you ready to take the next step?

Get Fit

Get stronger, improve your endurance and learn to move better. Get more energy and improve your all-around health.

Back On Track

Do you suffer from injuries, burnout or pain? We’ll take a look at where you’re at now and from there make a decision together on what the next step will be to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Kampioenen gezocht

Hoe jong je ook bent, ik zie al snel of er een kampioen in jou schuilt. Word jij de nieuwe Rico Verhoeven? Dan zoek ik jou!
  • “After running into arenagym’s owner in the Westerunie, I was sold right away, I wanted to train with him! When he showed me arenagym and we got to work, I realised that they really know what they’re doing. I was already fit but I wanted to get fitter, and it definitely worked! Besides that, there’s always a good atmosphere and we can joke around a lot during the workouts.”
    Emilie Donders – 31
  • “arenagym is perfect for me. I work across the street so I can hop on over for a quick 30 minute (group) workout whenever I’ve got time. I have a good click with the trainers and other members. For me, the best part is the relaxed atmosphere without all the machos. I’m glad it’s so close!”
    Jochem ter Steege – 40
  • “The coaching at arenagym has helped me to eat better, sleep better, become more active and start training more. This resulted in a better physical well-being and more energy throughout the day. The atmosphere is what really sets them apart from “normal” gyms. They really know me at arenagym and I feel at home. I’ve never experienced this before.”
    Sagina Etnel — 32
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arenagym ligt in het zakendistrict Amstel lll. Parkeren is mogelijk op ons eigen parkeerterrein.
Lemelerbergweg 32, 1101AH Amsterdam
020 261 44 92
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