Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a way to get rid of tension in your body brought upon by stress. We do this by focusing on finding a sense of calmness and holding certain positions for longer periods of time. Loosening muscles and improving self-confidence are twoone of the goals.
What can you expect from our Yin Yoga lessons?
Our brain is programmed for three kinds of stress reactions: fight, flight, or freeze. We don’t always properly process emotions associated with stress which in turn leads to them settling in the body. In addition to that, our bodies are 60% water. When water freezes it becomes hard and stiff. Just like with ice, stiffness is a result of stress-reactions and you can feel it in your body. Yin Yoga is a way to thaw out the body and get rid of unprocessed emotions. We do this because this form of yoga pays specific attention to strengthening and relaxing the connective tissue; deeper muscles and the pelvic floor loosen. This ensures a better and more relaxing posture, for example while sitting. Perfect for employers and employees with desk jobs. You can use your body to move into a certain posture. Yin Yoga is just the opposite. You use postures to influence how your body is feeling. During the class we really take the time for each posture, holding them from 3 to 6 minutes. Because you take the time to listen to your body, intense movement isn’t necessary. It’s a good addition to workouts that are based on high-intensity.
What will you gain from Yin Yoga?
• More energy
• Better posture
• A flexible body
• Better condition
• A calmer headspace
• Injury recovery
• Lessening of (muscle) tension
• Improved muscle and joint mobility
• Better organ function
• Stimulates connective tissue, bands, and cartilage
• Stimulates the flow of "chi" in your meridians
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