You can choose to spend an hour before each training on determining exercises, and then not even be sure that you are performing the exercises effectively and correctly... Or you can choose a workout that’s different every day, 365 days a year.
What can you expect from a WOD?
One benefit of training this way is that you see more results in much less time. While you’re putting together a presentation, we’re putting the program for the day on the board. While you’re making sure your report is done on time, we’re making sure the workouts don’t have any overlaps in muscle groups or energy sources from the past days and it matches up with the workouts of the days to come. We work using a professional periodisation that top athletes also use. In athlete’s jargon: we periodise non-linearly. This ensures that you get better every week without injuries and all while using different sources of energy. Besides that, you never have to worry about the workout being effective or not. While the accents may be different for each trainer, their goals are the same: becoming fit all around. We keep the workouts effective by focusing on different aspects each time like: strength, conditioning, speed, or mobility. Training with a logical underlying thought but at your own level.
What do you gain from a WOD?
• More energy
• Improvement in all 10 physical skills (strength, speed, flexibility, etc.)
• Muscle mass gain
• Toned muscles
• Fat Loss
• More toned body without “pumped up” muscles
• Carefree training in which the exercises are already thought out with underlying logical decisions
• Personal trainer like results with the fun of a group atmosphere
• Get rid of chronic pains quickly
• Training with good vibes and personal attention
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