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Open Gym

Sometimes you need a little space in a relationship whether it be a professional one or not. You need to be able to do your own thing when necessary. Same goes for working out. During the Open Gym hours, the gym is all yours. Well… as long as you stick to your personal workout routine we’ll make just for you. If you know what you’re doing, you can do whatever you feel necessary during the Open Gym hours. Is doing your own thing something you’re interested in? Then you probably know what your first goal should be!

What can you expect during the Open Gym hours?
Maybe you’ll want to do some solo workouts in addition to the group sessions. For example, to work on your weak points or maybe you’ve got an injury that prevents you doing the group classes. Our Open Gym hours give you the chance to do things your way. Doing your own thing and being a little stubborn are fine by us as long as you’re being safe. Don’t yet feel quite at home in the gym? Then you can train on your own with the help of a workout routine. This is especially important for you.
This way you know that you’re training in the correct, safest, and most effective way to achieve your goal.
What will training during the Open Gym hours help you achieve?
• The opportunity to work on your weak points.
• Take things at your own pace.
• Work on exercises to help you recover from an injury.
Personal Training Routine
Would you like to train on your own every once in a while to work on your personal goal(s)? We wouldn’t be arenagym if we weren’t there to help you. It’s important for us that you achieve your goal as quickly as possible and in the safest and most effective way. Want to get over your injuries? Together with our physical therapists we’ll make a training routine for you to make sure one injury doesn’t turn into another. No complaints except for a few weak points? We can help you out with that as well with a personalised training routine that could turn your weak points into your strongest points.

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