Boxing and Kickboxing

Everyone’s been hit at least once in their life. Whether that be on your face or a low blow to your ego, neither one of those cases is pleasant. That’s why we’ll only be hitting a punching bag and not each other. Through this you’ll learn the techniques of kickboxing in a different way. You’ll also spar off in the kickboxing lessons, so if you’re mad at a colleague just take them with you to a class!
What can you expect from our punching bag training?
Technique isn’t the only thing you’ll be working on, this workout is great for conditioning. While you won’t be hitting each other, you’ll work with a partner. You and your partner will hold the bag still for the other while they are hitting it. This training has a lot in common with our “normal” form of kickboxing, but this is a way to let it all out. You needn’t worry about taking a partner into account.
What can you expect from our kickboxing classes?
In addition to learning about the technique behind kicking, you’ll also learn how to control your hands in this martial art. Punches are more than just making a fist and hitting. Our kickboxing classes will help improve your technique and central condition. A good kickboxer not only knows how and why he gives out hits, but cannot quit during a match because his condition isn’t good enough. By learning to defend yourself, you also give your self-confidence a boost. And possibly one of the most important advantages: you’re training your body in a fun way.
What do you gain from boxing and kickboxing?
• More energy
• Sturdier body
• Increased muscle mass
• Muscle toning
• Loss of fat
• More toned body without “pumped up” muscles
• Carefree training in which the exercises are already thought out with underlying logical decisions
• Personal trainer like results with the fun of a group atmosphere
• Get rid of chronic pains quickly
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