Personal training
Personal Training
Do you want the best personal trainer in Amsterdam? We’ve got them walking around, seriously!
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Boxing and Kickboxing
Take classes from real competition fighters with big arms and tattoos. Don’t worry, they don’t bite!
No, you don’t need to be flexible. And yoga is good for men, too!
Zelfstandig trainen
Open Gym
Train in a gym that is fully equipped for athletes like yourself. Train like a pro!
Testen en meten
Testing and Measuring
Gain insight on your progress and figure out which step to take next using Arenagym’s tests. Knowledge=power!
Want to squeeze in some work before or after your workout? Come by our healthy coworking space!
CrossFit WOD's
Every day, a new workout of the day, perfectly tailored to your level and with the best vibes.
New at ArenaGym Hyrox! Combination of fitness, functional training and strength: the race for everyone!
Breakfast- & Lunch Workout
Breakfast & Lunch HIIT
Get a workout in before work or in your lunch break with a 30 minute session. That way you can be sure to be back at the office within an hour!
  • “In 2019 I finally convinced myself that it is now time to work on myself. I then met PT Leandro. He taught me that everything actually has to do with the right mindset. He knew how to motivate me so that I always tried to do my best. My waist size is from 92 to 42cm, 50cm off! Thank you ArenaGym.”
    Nazmien – 39
  • “I have enjoyed training at ArenaGym for 2 years now. My preference is kickboxing and bag training,
    because these are alternating classes in which I can use all my energy. My head is empty after the bag training
    and I have used all the muscles in my body.During the kickboxing lessons I am constantly learning new
    challenging techniques. "
    Sharon – 51
  • “ArenaGym is perfect for me. I work across the street so I can hop on over for a quick 30 minute (group) workout whenever I’ve got time. I have a good click with the trainers and other members. For me, the best part is the relaxed atmosphere without all the machos. I’m glad it’s so close!”

    Jochem ter Steege – 40
  • “The coaching at ArenaGym has helped me to eat better, sleep better, become more active and start training more. This resulted in a better physical well-being and more energy throughout the day. The atmosphere is what really sets them apart from “normal” gyms. They really know me at arenagym and I feel at home. I’ve never experienced this before.”

    Sagina Etnel — 32
  • “I have been training at ArenaGym for over 2 years now. I've been competing for some years now for Team LGT which is based in ArenaGym. Every now and then I participate in HIIT or CrossFit class. This is one of those things that makes the gym unique, the offer is huge. In addition, it is also a very personal gym, everyone is friendly and knows each other.”
    Guevero — 21
  • "I was never that sporty, but at ArenaGym I made all kinds of sports buddies, so that I now come to work out every week. During kickboxing I learned all the basic techniques, so I now train with them every week"
    Tracy – 29
Good vibes only
Ruime openingstijden
Alleen toptrainers
Voor ieder niveau
1000m2 high-end faciliteit
Gratis parkeren voor de deur

At ArenaGym you can always go for a nice workout, a group workout from an (ex) top athlete or enjoy yourself. Always guaranteed with top vibes!

For every level.
Always with personal guidance.
Never wait for devices.
Always neat and clean.
Brand new!
Super good vibes, guaranteed!
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location & contact
ArenaGym is located in the business district Amstel lll. Free parking is available on site.
Lemelerbergweg 32, 1101AH Amsterdam
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