Physiotherapy, only better...

We listen to you and provide insight into your problem. 

We solve them and give you the tools to keep your body flexible, strong and healthy. 

At the end of the ride, you will no longer need us!
Art of release
Art of control
Art of performance

There is an art to physio!

We think and look beyond the beaten tracks and protocols to solve your problem That makes our treatments so effective!
We examine your entire body to find the root cause of your problem. The place where your problem is, is only the tip of the iceberg; the end result of compensation over time. So just looking at and treating the site of the pain isn’t going to solve your problem. You probably had several therapists doing this. It is time for something better! We make sure your joints and muscles can move well again and give you exercises to do yourself. You can perform the exercises at any time, without equipment. At home, in the office, in the shower. Anytime, anywhere! During the treatment process we are always available for questions and / or support. At the end of the treatment process, you will have the tools to keep your body fit and healthy and you will no longer need us! No endless and boring exercises that have little effect. No lengthy treatment programs but significant improvement within 2 sessions! Did you already see several therapists without results? Give us a call!

Who are we?

A team you can rely on!
We are ready to help you get rid of your complaints as soon as possible!
Pieter Faasse
Physiotherapist / ART soft tissue specialist
Ramon Verdel
Physiotherapist / ART soft tissue specialist
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location & contact
ArenaGym is located in the business district Amstel lll. Free parking is available on site.
Lemelerbergweg 32, 1101AH Amsterdam
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