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Jack Donnellan

Hi welcome to my profile! Are you thinking about getting fit and strong? Then you have come to the right place! I am Irish born living in Amsterdam who has completed a BSc in Sports Coaching & Performance. If I was to describe myself in four words it would be “outcome based, results driven”. I offer a free Functional Movement Screen test to assess your movement ability and from this create individualised training plans designed for your needs and goals! If you like what you hear keep on reading…

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It is my personal mission to improve the movement and confidence of every person I work with. I simple help people become the best version of themselves and lead a healthy and happy life through fitness.

High Performance Training

I have a BSc degree in High Performance Coaching and have worked in 3 different professional sports academies. I have provided Strength & Conditioning plans in 15 different sports so I have a high understanding of the scientific principles around high performance training. I am extremely efficient in hitting targets and this was shown in my last job when I was promoted to Head of Performance of a professional football academy in Ireland, after one year.


In the past I have designed and implemented many rehabilitation programs for clients, whether if the injury is acute or chronic. I have a deep understanding of the human anatomy and I am fascinated by movement. By the end of a rehabilitation program you will have improved range of motion and strength in the injured area and will be able to do everyday things with ease.

Weight Loss

If you are looking for a comprehensive weight loss plan you have come to the right place! I have helped many clients who have struggled with weight loss. As I say to all my clients “I train every person as an athlete” so I will put countless hours into designing your program that is tailored made for you!

I use my professional athletic development to help you reach your goal

As a coach, I have previously specialised in professional athletic development, but my passion is to help individuals on any level achieve their personal goals.
  • “In 2019 I finally convinced myself that it is now time to work on myself. I then met PT Leandro. He taught me that everything actually has to do with the right mindset. He knew how to motivate me so that I always tried to do my best. My waist size is from 92 to 42cm, 50cm off! Thank you ArenaGym.”
    Nazmien – 39
  • “I have enjoyed training at ArenaGym for 2 years now. My preference is kickboxing and bag training,
    because these are alternating classes in which I can use all my energy. My head is empty after the bag training
    and I have used all the muscles in my body.During the kickboxing lessons I am constantly learning new
    challenging techniques. "
    Sharon – 51
  • “ArenaGym is perfect for me. I work across the street so I can hop on over for a quick 30 minute (group) workout whenever I’ve got time. I have a good click with the trainers and other members. For me, the best part is the relaxed atmosphere without all the machos. I’m glad it’s so close!”

    Jochem ter Steege – 40
  • “The coaching at ArenaGym has helped me to eat better, sleep better, become more active and start training more. This resulted in a better physical well-being and more energy throughout the day. The atmosphere is what really sets them apart from “normal” gyms. They really know me at arenagym and I feel at home. I’ve never experienced this before.”

    Sagina Etnel — 32
  • “I have been training at ArenaGym for over 2 years now. I've been competing for some years now for Team LGT which is based in ArenaGym. Every now and then I participate in HIIT or CrossFit class. This is one of those things that makes the gym unique, the offer is huge. In addition, it is also a very personal gym, everyone is friendly and knows each other.”
    Guevero — 21
  • "I was never that sporty, but at ArenaGym I made all kinds of sports buddies, so that I now come to work out every week. During kickboxing I learned all the basic techniques, so I now train with them every week"
    Tracy – 29
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ArenaGym is located in the business district Amstel lll. Free parking is available on site.
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