arenagym BARON
arenagym BARON
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Extended opening hours
Only top trainers
For every level
1000m2 high-end facility
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Our Mission

We make a BARON of everyone. A baron is always on the move and takes matters into his own hands. He takes responsibility for his own actions and is therefore intrinsically motivated to make a change. A change towards a more successful business- and personal life.

Core Values

Friendship is the foundation of arenagym. Through friendship our members stick with us and the trainers work together as 1 team. Are you going to be our new friend?
Everyone is working on further developing themselves at arenagym. The trainers and the clients. On a personal level, professional level, and physical.
Everything in arenagym is based on entrepreneurship. All of our trainers are entrepreneurs and many of our clients as well.

Arenagym Team

We are ArenaGym. Our goal is to make young professionals and entrepreneurs fitter.
We organise our (work) days all wrong.
Too much sitting and not enough moving, too much processed food without proper nutrients, too much coffee and alcohol, too little true rest and not enough fitness.
All of us are getting weaker and sicker.
But the Dutch population is living longer now, right? Yes. But at what cost?
• 8.2 million people are chronically ill.
• If we continue on like this, by 2030 1 in 4 people will have experienced a burnout.
• 2.25 million people have chronic pain.
• >50% of the population doesn’t move enough
• 1 in 5 people have sleeping troubles
• 830,000 people have diabetes (90% of which are type 2!)
• 3 hours of productivity
“We live in a country where you can find a place to eat on every street corner and there are as many places to sit down as there are bikes in Amsterdam.”

The solution?
Change your genes!

Go to the grocery store and buy new genes. When choosing them you need to make sure they can handle all of the following:
• Chronic stress
• Gluttony
• Lack of movement
• Not enough sleep
• Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs
• Many hours behind a computer screen
• Lack of rest
You’d rather keep your genes? Then I’ve got a few options for you:
1) Change the world: get rid of all added sugars, all couches, all snack bars, etc.
2) Go back in time: buy a time machine and go back to prehistoric times.

Mmmh, okay. You get my point. You can’t turn back time and you can’t change the world. However nice that may be, your genes don’t evolve as quickly as we change the world.

So who needs to make a change?
That’s right. That would be you. You need to change.

Challenge your body: as if you were still living in prehistoric times. You have to fool your body. Make sure your body is exposed to (extreme) cold, heat, hunger and physical labor.

You’ve got to trick your body.
• Let your body think that: you are still hunting (sprinting, strength training) and have to brave the cold to feed your family (cold shower). That sometimes you can not find food all day and only catch a bear towards the end of the evening (fasting).
• Really rest: as if you are on a deserted island without TV, internet, mobile and laptop. Do nothing, really nothing.
• Take charge of your thoughts or your thoughts will take charge of you. Learn to relax, focus and actively charge or discharge.

Open yourself up to work preventively on your health and work on your optimal goal. We are happy to help you with all the content we make about this and of course you are welcome at the on-site arena gym. For every level, and every fitness level. With a personal trainer or without a personal trainer, in groups or independently, a strong WOD or a quiet yoga class.

Now is the best time to take a first step.

© 2020 ArenaGym
location & contact
arenagym is located in the business district Amstel lll. Free parking is available on site.
Lemelerbergweg 32, 1101AH Amsterdam
+31 636 174 399
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