Vacancy: Personal Trainer Specialty Powerlifting / Weightlifting / Kickboxing / MMA / Crossfit

We believe that the best personal trainers don't want to work for a boss. The best personal trainers have their own vision, look for their own customers and determine their own prices. The best personal trainer prefers to take matters into his own hands and refuses to be paid 15 euros per hour while the gym receives 70 euros. We call them the barons and baronesses in the personal training world.

Because we are only looking for the very best personal trainers at arenagym, we offer a platform for personal trainers who want to set up their own personal training business or who have already started. Are you a personal trainer who likes to do their own thing?

Then see us as the facilitator of your business. We arrange a pond with fish for you (a gym with members), from which we do not fish ourselves (meaning we do not offer personal training ourselves). In addition, we support you with training, workshops, master classes, clothing, and marketing and we ensure that you’re not lacking any training material!

We facilitate, support and ensure a positive working culture in which entrepreneurship, development, and friendship are the most important core values. You determine your course, we help you with adjustments every now and then, if you need it.

• Are you a PT'er who has or wants to set up their own business? (required!)
• Do you have a specific interest in a certain type of customer? (he who does not choose is not chosen!)
• Do you want to give personal training in a badass gym that’s fully equipped with Perform Better, Keiser and Hammer Strength? (check the site!)
• Do you want more turnover, more profit and more customers?

And most importantly: do you want to work in a place where the personal trainers have a great time with each other and with the members (friendship), help each other and themselves improve (development) and position themselves as entrepreneurs (entrepreneurship) by taking control of their own business?

Send a short letter of motivation + your social media channels (Instagram / Linkedin / Facebook) to You will receive a quick answer and if your profile is relevant, we’ll invite you in for an introductory meeting. If this introductory meeting is also positive, then the fun starts! We immerse you in our world and together we ensure that you come up with a good plan so that you can start rocking it!
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location & contact
arenagym is located in the business district Amstel lll. Free parking is available on site.
Lemelerbergweg 32, 1101AH Amsterdam
+31 636 174 399
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