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We believe fighters should work more on their strength & conditioning in
a specific way that helps them improve their fighters skills. We want to
be the leading fighters academy for skilled amateurs and professionals.

Are you an advanced or professional boxer, kickboxer or MMA'er and are you looking for a sports performance program to functionally improve your strength and conditioning? Then you have come to the right place at ArenaGym. We combine all knowledge from martial arts and sports performance science for a state-of-the art approach to ​​strength and conditioning training for martial artists.
8 week off-camp program
Improving fightspecific conditioning
Pre- and post performance tests
Nutrition tips- and tricks
2x per week grouptraining
Fixing weak links
members get 50% off 199
8-10 weeks fightersprep
Winning the fight
Pre- and post performance tests
Nutrition tips- and tricks
2x per week grouptraining
Fixing weak links
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How can S&C help to become a better fighter?

Strength & Conditioning is a fundamental element to help enhance future performance inside and outside the cage/ring. With S&C you will begin to move better, become stronger and reduce the chance of injury. Weak things break and that is why as S&C coaches it is our job to make resilient and robust athletes. We also have to mention the conditioning side of S&C as that is one of the most vital parts to performance. And no I am not talking about general fitness I’m talking about being conditioned ready for your sport.

How do you know what I need to work on to improve performance?

During your assessment day, you and the coaches will run through a list of performance tests. Once all tests are complete the coach will then begin to analyse each test individually and collectively, this holistic approach gives the coach a greater insight into what areas need to be improved (speed, power, aerobic endurance et.)

Who are my coaches?

Jack Donnellan (Head of Performance) – Jack holds a BSc Honours in Sports Coaching and Performance and has worked in professional sport for the last 6 years of his career. He has worked with some of the world’s best athletes in various sports and has a deep understanding of the scientific principles of training. In his spare time he likes to conduct research related to his field of striving to constantly enhance his own knowledge in the sporting industry.

How can I combine sport’s training with S&C?

Since you will be training only twice a week with us there is still plenty of time to train for your specific sport. What we will say is give your body enough recovery between each session so you are feeling fresh and ready to attack your next session with 100% focus. What we always say at AG, “train hard, but smart”.

How can I setup for this program?

If you are truly dedicated to improve your fight performance and want to succeed in the ring/octagon then your camp begins now. Set yourself up by getting the basics right, correct amount of sleep (8+hrs) to allow your body to recover physically and mentally, correct nutrition so your body is fuelled for each session and stretching to help increase your range of motion. All these basic elements are simple but crucial for improved fight performance. WHAT YOU WAITING FOR?

What camps do you offer?

Currently we only offer the Out of Camp plan, but hopefully in the near future we plan to add an In Camp plan.
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ArenaGym is located in the business district Amstel lll. Free parking is available on site.
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